Welcome to explore the offer of photographic services that can perfectly capture the essence and atmosphere of various events - from team-building parties to conferences and concerts. We understand the immense effort put into preparing such events, so preserving their memories through a professional photographic report is worthwhile.

When creating a report, I focus on the heart of the events, capturing their best moments. Additionally, I strive to capture the secondary aspects, which are often as fascinating as the main action.

The areas in which I specialize and am eager to collaborate include:

  • Photography of events, gatherings, and concerts.
  • Wedding and portrait photography.
  • Industrial photography.

What sets me apart?

  • An individual approach to the client, focusing on details important to you.
  • A commitment to delivering results that meet your expectations.
  • I have high-quality photographic equipment, ensuring excellent image quality.
  • I undertake assignments using two cameras, minimizing the risk of technical issues and expanding possibilities by utilizing different focal lengths simultaneously.
  • I possess portable studio equipment, allowing sessions to be conducted at agreed-upon locations.

I warmly invite you to view my previous works and to get in touch.

Mariusz Pyśk

Phone: +48 692 470 837
Mail: [email protected]